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Join hands with one of the finest Trading companies in UAE. having great years of experience in dealing with all kinds of business transactions, we have developed an extensive network of business acquaintances to work for client's business requirements




    PR-11 RICE

    PR-11 Raw Premium Rice
    PR-11 Steam Premium Rice
    PR-11 White Sella Premium Rice
    PR-11 Golden Sella Premium Rice


    Pusa Basmati Raw Premium Rice     

    Pusa Basmati Steam Premium Rice
    Pusa Basmati White Sell Premium Rice
    Pusa Basmati Golden Sella Premium Rice


    Basmati Raw Premium Rice
    Basmati Steam Premium Rice
    Basmati White Sell Premium Rice
    Basmati Golden Sella Premium Rice

    1121 RICE

    1121 Raw Premium Rice
    1121 Steam Premium Rice
    1121 White Sella Premium Rice
    1121 Golden Sella Premium Rice

    Thai Rice

      long grain white rice 100% wholegrain :
      long grain parboiled rice,5% Broken
      long grain parboiled rice, 100% sortex
      long grain Jasmine rice , Premium quality Grade A
        long grain white rice 100% broken (A1 Super) Sortex

    Vietnam Rice

      5% BROKEN RICE
      10% BROKEN RICE
      15% BROKEN RICE
      25% BROKEN RICE
        100% BROKEN RICE


Brazilian Sugar icumsa 45

Indian Cane Sugar




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GulfPacific International aspires to to be one of the primary Middle east companies in helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.
Our strategy seeks to deliver on this vision by providing high returns for our clients, building deep and enduring customer relationships, being a leader in the community and being a place where the best people want to work.

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