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Join hands with one of the finest Trading companies in UAE. having great years of experience in dealing with all kinds of business transactions, we have developed an extensive network of business acquaintances to work for client's business requirements

We’ve partnered with leading hardware and software manufacturers and publishers and we continue to build relationships with a number of new, emergent IT partners in our portfolio. These partnerships allow us to recommend the absolute best IT products for our clients needs

 We’ve achieved success in this complex field due a full understanding of vendor policies, global market differences and a clear primary business focus . We have strong working relationships with all major vendors, including Microsoft, HP,Symantec, Adobe, Citrix, Oracle,  and VMware, as we put the interests of our customers first, representing them in all discussions and negotiations with Hardware & software vendors to ensure the best solution. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your software estate

 Our goal is to help you establish a fully dynamic and managed  estate where costs are lean and business efficiency is maximized. We can help you move from a tactical state – reactive purchasing with limited status knowledge – to a strategic software model, where processes and systems are in place to ensure continuous compliance, total clarity of your IT deployment and cost-effective procurement


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GulfPacific International aspires to to be one of the primary Middle east companies in helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.
Our strategy seeks to deliver on this vision by providing high returns for our clients, building deep and enduring customer relationships, being a leader in the community and being a place where the best people want to work.

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